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Jeff Pfeiffer
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Occupation: Editorial Director/Writer, Tribune Media Services
Yes! Attending Reunion

Hey, gang! Wow, I think the last time I was communicating with the majority of you in any way via computer it was with an Apple IIc!
It's also kind of mind-blowing to think that the last time many of us saw each other:
* Ronald Reagan was president
* the world map contained the Soviet Union, and East & West Germany
* Johnny Carson hosted "The Tonight Show"
* the World Wide Web was three years away
* "The Simpsons" was just starting as vignettes on "The Tracey Ullman Show"
* the world was blessedly Lohan- and Spears-free (we had our Tiffanys and Debbie Gibsons, and we liked them well enough! At least they waited until they were in their 30s before they took off their clothes in magazines)

Sometimes it seems like such a different, long-ago time that it might as well have been the Mesozoic Era ...

Plenty of good changes over two decades; a number of questionable ones. I love iPods, HDTV, cell phones, DVDs, Internet, a certain degree of CGI special effects, etc., but I am glad that I grew up and went to school in a somewhat slower-paced time, and certainly during a time when I didn't need to pass through a metal detector on my way to class.

Obviously, the music has changed a lot. I'm not one of those old-timers who just automatically says the music was better when he was younger, but in the case of pop music at least, I have to say that is true. The pop music today is just awful, and I can proudly say I've never seen an entire episode of "American Idol" (though it's one unfortunate part of my job to at least be aware of such shows). However, I have grown to enjoy other types of music that have evolved over the past 20 years, especially along the lines of electronica, ambient, experimental, etc. So there's always some good to go along with the bad in any change, I guess.

With changing times, of course, comes personal change, and I've grown in my career with the Tribune company, which I've been with primarily during my 12 years in Milwaukee (I spent one year working in Chicago). It's a lot of fun, and I've made some good friends here and elsewhere through the travel I do, and I get to keep up my creativity (although I'm a little more "management" now, I try to ensure that I maintain some writing responsibilities, as that's what I enjoy doing the most). Outside work, aside from friends and other activities, I keep pretty busy with my "kid" -- my Irish setter/retriever mix Neely ( I'll post her picture soon, and I'm sure you'll agree that she's the greatest dog ever). MIlwaukee itself has actually grown and evolved since I've been here, and it's fun, but I wouldn't rule out more change as I keep my eyes open for some new scenery, either. Who knows what another 10 years will bring, aside from more wrinkles!

School Story:

Overall a good time at school, and, for the most part, a lot of great people.

I enjoyed "working" on the yearbook, which pretty much involved standing around for an hour each day talking or trying to solve "Zork" with Bill Black and Scott Warner. Mr. Modder, who ran the yearbook, was great, and one of the more influential teachers I've had. I had fun working in some of the variety shows as well, and I actually think I have an old videotape of one of them that may find itself up on YouTube one of these days, so look out (thank God it's a VHS and not a Beta)! There was a Physics class trip to Great America to "study" the velocity, etc., of the rides. Not much science went on, but it was still fun, except it rained all day. I remember the Underground newspaper. Dennis Peterson and I came out with the Bradford Lampoon magazine to give the Underground a run for its money, but by the time we came out, they had already been run "underground," apparently. I also remember the WRKR radio station in Kenosha. I used to have a mix tape off of that station that for some reason I had gotten from Matt Geary, but that ancient artifact vanished long ago (the tape, not Matt). And plenty of other stuff that I didn't even know I remembered until recently!

My one regret: That the much-talked-about Super Dudes movie got stuck in development hell and was never greenlit for production. There were problems with the script from the start; mainly, that it was never written. But who knows? They finally made another Indiana Jones film after 20 years, so anything may still be possible ...

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