Annastasia Powderly

Profile Updated: July 6, 2008
Annastasia Powderly
Residing In: kenosha, WI USA
Occupation: RN, CPR instructor
Children: Sam,he's 13 this year.he still thinks that i am cool,nice kid.Erin is 8,and she keeps me busy,talks More…non-stop,who knew?
Yes! Attending Reunion

well,after graduation,i went to gateway for nursing.worked at the old's.saved up enough money to go to europe,budapest,munich,and prague.drank as much beer as i could afford.and the most heavenly sausage in munich.took night trains to prague,where i thought i was getting deported for barfing in the train bathroom when the border patrol came banging on the door to check passports.who wouldn't barf with a belly full of beer and sausage? came home,met a guy who i thought was laid back enough.had two confirmed.dumped the daddy.dabbled in real estate,got out just in time.bought a great house near parkside.don't hate. i have as much fun as person should and more.i work my nursing job 2-12 hour shifts a week,and have not missed a field trip with my kids yet.this summer i am taking the kids to the east coast for a month to "camp awesome" as their camp nurse,so i get to go, is really nice to be the oldest living teenager,except now i have a good car and some cash. enough about me.

School Story:

my favorite story is the one about a girl who was talking,and talking,and talking in geometry,so mr stroeble would move my seat,giving me the opportunity to talk to the kids around that spot.i made 24 friends in that class.who remembers the great bus caper of 1988.the physics class trip to great america,when the bus mysteriously left without ME and my bus ditching geunther kept my bus money,which i thought unfair since i only got a one way about the bazooka joe episode in debate class.what? i brought enough for everybody!mr.oz's stringy spit ball. mr.mendenhal's great genie lamp fiasco.who could forget the time i clotheslined the jones cable guy when he was running down the sideline to film a 60 yard pass,when the camera was yanked off of his shoulder by the stupid bradford red devil who was standing on the power should have seen his face.what about the homecoming dress with the spaghetti strap that snapped.thanks roy, for holding me so close.can't say that i miss the zits and gaukiness,but it sure was fun.

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